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YHN Muscle Tester

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Product Description

The "YHN" Muscle


This product, using the principles of Applied Kinesiology, a widely used science in Natural Health circles worldwide, enables most people to use the benefits of muscle testing in their own home, and without needing a second person to help.


It has been used, trialed and tested for several years, with success. Its primary use is in establishing what food and beverages your body has trouble metabolizing or digesting, and may be of assistance to people with illnesses for which food or beverage intolerances may be a contributing factor, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes 2, Leaky Bowel Syndrome, or other illness for which dietary factors may be a contributory factor.


This is a quick and easy way to find out just what your body can’t tolerate, and what it can tolerate. Muscle testing made so simple (Here’s how it works)


Applied Kinesiology

The muscles in the body go strong when the body responds to a question or food or an article that has a positive answer and weak when the answer is negative.


Applied kinesiology was the name that Dr. George Goodhart gave to his discovery, in 1964, that the body always tells the truth. It cannot lie. The truth makes us strong. Lies make us weak. In the same way if we touch/think something good we are strong. If it is bad we are weak.


By testing the body's strength (muscle testing) we can prove this. His discovery of Applied Kinesiology was credited in 2001 in Time magazine as one of the top 100 innovations of medicine. 

So Applied kinesiology means testing a person’s response to questions (often by seeing the strength of an out stretched arm when pushed down). Within us our higher self or subconscious mind has the answer to all questions; we need to tap into that to get the true answers. If you are intolerant to a food then the frequencies of that food will be picked up by you and give you the answer.

The YHN Muscle Tester makes it real easy. It allows you take back the control of your own life in the most affordable way. So why would you want to live without it?


Muscle testing is used in Natural Health clinics to help identify food intolerances’, and things like gluten and lactose intolerances, where these may have a devastating effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. This is often done by testing the strength of an outstretched arm, and requiring two people to carry out the testing.



The YHN Muscle Tester has simplified Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) so that there isn't any need for another person to be involved. And the answers can be double tested to be sure. It eliminates any doubts. It makes you independently in control of your own life - your own decisions - your own destiny. 


Detailed instructions on how to use it come with the YHN Muscle Tester. Some people may need some tuition, which we can help with, and due to un-wellness or stress, some people are not able to separate yes and no responses. In these cases the instructions show how someone else can test the person wanting to use the product. 30 day right of return applies to this product.



Disclaimer:Your Health Naturally does not claim that this product can diagnose, treat or cure any disease. We advise that if you are unwell you should always consult a health professional. We take no responsibility for any repercussions arising from the use of this product.