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At Your Health Naturally we are passionate about your health. We spend hundreds of hours researching to find unique and natural products that can assist with blood pressure, disturbed sleep, arthritis, stress management, diabetes type 2, chronic un-wellness, food intolerances, detoxing and EMF (electromagnetic radiation).

We concentrate on a small number of natural and alternative health strategies, offering products that help in areas where conventional healthcare and pharmaceuticals all to often do not provide answers, or treat symptoms and not causes.

The Frequencies of Nature, combined with science and technology, brings to you powerful aids to enhance energy, balance, and agility, and healing for a wide variety of modern health ailments. Every single thing in Nature has its own frequency, or resonance,  many of which are harmful to human life, such as chemicals, Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF), Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR), some minerals, and for some people even certain foods, (Food intolerance or allergies), and many are highly beneficial.

Among these are Solfeggio frequencies, often embedded  into crystal pendants and objects that will retain such frequencies. The Solfeggio frequencies are six frequencies long ago discovered to aid health and healing in the six main areas of human health. These are often combined with negative energy absorbing devices such as pyramids and EMF radiation protection products.

Zero Point, Scalar, Chi, and  others , are terms for the science of the frequency on which life is built, the frequency of the human bio-energy field. There are several ways frequencies are used to create health and energy aids. Orgone is a term used to describe layers of different substances under pressure, sometimes with crystals and copper wire windings, which produces energy and absorbs negative energy. Often in pyramid shape, itself an energy source, crafted in resin.

Beneficial minerals such as Tourmaline and  Germanium, creating Negative Ions, Far Infrared Rays, Alpha  Waves, along with Magnetism in the likes of silicone energy bands, often known as power balance or power bands, Titanium and stainless steel bracelets, , and necklaces, including more upmarket options such as dress wear bands and Swarovski Crystal Pendants.

Electronic science in todays world provides health testing machines which can test over 600 items of physical health, vitamin and mineral levels, substance and EMF intolerance, at cellular level. Usually listed on this web site, we use these with our local clients that consult for assistance with their health.

Applied Kinesiology also plays a part in natural health diagnosis. Usually used clinically with two people, we manufacture a muscle testing device that allows one person to test for reactions to substances and food.

Many things contribute to health problems. Stress, chemicals, and frequently nutrition. Much of our food is grown in over worked soils and is low in minerals, science has proved this. Processed foods and drinks filled with sugar and chemicals plays a large part in disease in things like Diabetes, metabolic disorders, and even cancer.

Add to this, low level radiation from cell and cordless phones, towers, power lines, computers and many other modern electronic devices, and we live in an EMF smog that detrimentally affects many people.

In this web site we offer a sample of products that can assist naturally in maintaining good health. Diabetes type 2 support. We have developed an eating plan, which, along with Natural science, is known to have remediated Diabetes type 2, Pre Diabetes, metabolic disorders and low grade food intolerances and allergies.

We also have on site, Dr Al Sears Pharmacy of unusual supplements, vitamin and mineral products,  developed from natural sources. Dr Sears is a specialist in natural health and longevity. Order direct.

New in 2019. Stem Cell therapy at affordable prices

Not able to be purchased directly from this website, go here for a look. Click here for more information. This will put you in the website of Lifewave where you can select information on X39 Stem Cell Patches. Email our support for more info on how to join or buy,