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Negator Shell

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Product Description


This uses Wilhelm Reich's technology which is the same as the original Negator (for those familiar with our original products) but its natural shape moves the energy passing through it in a more efficient way. Together with the fact that the outer case (or shell!) is made of metal means it makes it far more powerful. Although it is smaller than the original Maxi Negator it's energy-field and balancing/protective qualities are the same.

Because of its size and shape it is very tactile and portable. It is a very personal device even though its energy-field is enough to protect a whole home or equivalent area in a work place. It is easily carried from one to the other.

The Negator Shell - starts to move energy over 2km away. It has a protective energy field of about 8-9m or 8-9 yards (approx.) radius - more than adequate to protect the average house, buildings or land.

A real shell was used as the mold to cast The Negator Shell, which means that is as beautiful as only nature's creations can be. The Negator shell is cast in pewter and is a beautiful, unobtrusive ornament.

 I just got my shell and the wonderful little bracelet too! I was in the midst of an "emf attack", and it is GONE! What a relief I could feel the energy instantly from my shell. I'll be recommending this and your other products to everyone!
I know that thoughts themselves emit electromagnetic frequencies, and I am finding the shell helps me get out of my OCD-like racing thoughts and re-track to my natural state which IS HAPPINESS!
Thanks so much - you are blessings on the planet! I look forward to your electronic newsletters!
S. Van Houten, MN, USA

The Negator Shell uses no batteries or wiring the scientific technology within it does all the work unaided. A one off investment that won't break the bank and requires no maintenance!

 Small enough to hold in your hand it is easily transportable and tactile enough so that you want to hold it. When the Shell is held it is working within your own bio-energy field (in the same way as the Nu-Me pendant) and so is calming and relaxing. This is especially important for insomniacs - hold it before going to bed and eliminate the day's stress so that you go to bed nice and relaxed.


  • Promotes deep and restful sleep.
  • Protects your home or workplace from EMF / Geopathic stress.
  • Makes any house into a peaceful and harmonious home.
  • Radiates tangible energy without batteries or wiring!!! (Feeling is believing).
  • Was designed by nature and looks stunning.
  • Is tactile and fits perfectly in a hand.
  • Is easily transportable.
  • Is unique.

Hi David and Marge, I’d like to express much thanks and appreciation for this wonderful technology you're putting out there. I was at the Visionary Living Expo. In Auckland yesterday and purchased a Negator from you. I slept so peacefully last night and I even dreamt about it and its amazing effects on me .I strongly recommend this to anyone! Thanks again.
Patricia, Auckland, N.Z (from guestbook)

Balancer and protector. Great for insomnia.

 At my place of work we were all girls, some with a lot of negativity. Since having my Negator at work it has created a more balanced environment. I now enjoy going to and working in my office.
Judy Smith, Waimatuku

Since buying a Negator my son's mood swings have improved dramatically. Also, the house is noticeably more harmonious; I am sleeping better, and have more energy.
Joyce Bryers 

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