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Mini P.e Balance Pyramid (ki bal)

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Product Description


The Ki-Bal is a mini pyramid with a very powerful kickNew technology and embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies has made it powerful enough to protect you whether you are in your home, car or work. Designed as a key ring it ensures that whenever and where ever you have your keys you are protected from EMF and all unbalanced energy. 

We can’t see it, but our bodies sure can feel it and are affected by it – EMF Radiation/ Electromagnetic Fields. It knocks us about. We as ordered energetic systems, proved by quantum physics, cannot cope with the disorder or chaos of Electromagnetic field radiation (EMF). And don’t be deceived it is everywhere – every piece of electrical equipment, electric motor, electric wiring is throwing EMF at us. 

There is a lot of denial about EMF, or maybe plain ignore-ance.* After all you can’t see it all happening. And the effects on us become so much part of life that it becomes the norm – headaches, skin eruptions, depression, insomnia, lethargy. When it becomes electrosensitivy or even cancer it may be wake up time but by then what a huge journey back to health. 

It’s time to take action now
. And our Ki-Bal could be the most versatile, convenient little aid to keep the harmful effects of EMF and unbalanced energy from affecting you. 




“The P.e.bal has to be experienced in order to understand what it does. Describing the pyramid as a device that “balances energy” and “protects against EMF and EMR” – while accurate – certainly does not tell the full story of the pyramid’s capabilities.” Michael, Australia.


It is our mini 
p.e.bal but there is nothing small about its power. 


• The ki-bal has a protective field of 12 meters diameter. That’s big!


How? When it is so compact? 

• We have discovered a way to increase the power of the technology inside it, which is basically the same as the p.e.bal by giving more spins to the vortex element. 

It’s on a key ring?

• Yes. So it can go with you anywhere. Protection wherever you go

Do I need protection in the car?

Vehicles produce high levels of EMF because they have motors, and motors create a lot of disturbed energy, EMF. So having your keys on a ki-bal means that you and all the inhabitants of the vehicle are protected without you having to think about a thing. 

Will it protect me at home and at work? 

• Yes and yes, most definitely and you don’t need to have it on your person for it to do that, 12 meters diameter is a big area, so it won’t only be protecting you it will also protect anyone and everyone in that area. 

How big is it? 

2.5cm (1 ¼”) tall it will fit comfortably in your pocket. It is finished in silver and bears the same engravings as the p.e.bal. 

What if I carry it in my pocket? 

When the ki-bal is carried in your pocket it is effectively like wearing a 
Nu-Me protective pendant and is working on your own energy system and giving your immune system a boost. The only advantage that wearing a Nu-Me Protective pendant has over a Ki-Bal in the pocket, is that by wearing a Nu-Me protective pendant centrally on the body it is constantly balancing the chakras. 

Is it safe for kids? 

• Yes, a great solution for school children who are bombarded with extremely high levels of EMF. Smaller children might find it too powerful if it is in their pocket over long periods. By letting them have it for short spells at a time they will adjust to it’s energy. Alternatively let them carry it in their bag. The 
Snappy and Natty do not have this effect on children. They were designed to be worn by kids from infancy to ninety-nine. 


*“Cells in the body react to EMFs as potentially harmful, just like to other environmental toxins, including heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The DNA in living cells recognizes electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure; and produces a biochemical stress response. The scientific evidence tells us that our safety standards are inadequate, and that we must protect ourselves from exposure to EMF due to power lines, cell phones and the like, or risk the known consequences. The science is very strong and we should sit up and pay attention” 
Martin Blank, PhD Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons; Researcher in Bioelectromagnetics;




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