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Introducing:   Breast Angel

Breast Angel is a new health and wellbeing product for women that can give rapid, accurate, scientific, and non-destructive indication of breast disease, especially for carcinoma, breast cancer.

How does it work? Using the latest medical technology of Trans-Dermal Illumination, Breast Angel works by shining a powerful light through your breast. This light is absorbed by Haemoglobin, and makes the veins in your breast appear as dark lines. Tumours and malignant lesions will show up as dark areas due to the blood vessels that form to feed such malignancies. Harmless fibroid cysts will allow the light to flow through them, but potential abnormalities will block the light beam, revealing dark spots. Such dark areas around malignancies should show before you can feel any lump or abnormality by hand self examination, thus giving you early warning to consult your doctor.

Peace of mind. There are no harmful side effects from using Breast Angel, so you can use it on a regular basis for breast self examination on a precautionary basis. Should any abnormality show you would have the benefit of very early warning, which greatly enhances the chances of successful treatment.  You do not have to remember what previous examinations looked like, just look for changes that show as dark areas.

Many lumps found in breasts can be harmless, and benign breast tumours do not spread outside the breast, but may increase the chance of developing cancer. Breast Angel in particular will show abnormal blood vessel changes at an early stage.

Other Breast Cancer awareness points to look for in self examination.

·         Lumps

·         Change in the shape or size in your breast

·         Change in the skin, particularly dimpling or puckering

·         Breast pain that does not go away after a period

·         Change in the appearance of the nipple, or discharge from the nipple

·         Lumpy areas or thickening of the breast tissue.

If you notice any of these changes, or dark areas by using a Breast Angel, you should consult your doctor for further evaluation.

Statistical probabilities;

The UK, USA, North America, Australia and New Zealand, have the highest recorded rates of breast cancer in the world. While most cases are found in women over 40, 25% of all cases are women under 50, and the incidence of breast cancer in much younger women seems to increasing. report that 2 NZ women die every day from breast cancer, and one in every eight women are estimated to experience some form of breast cancer in their lifetime.

For breast cancer patients, we have a number of natural health aids that can help with recovery and prevention of further malignancies. Phone us to discuss possibilities.


EVERY woman should have one!